Comprehensive Research Study on Measuring the Spiritual Intelligence & examining its relationship with Student Achievement and Goal Orientation among college students


The main objective of this Comprehensive Research Study undertaken was to investigate the relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Need for Achievement and Goal Orientation among College Students.

The human brain is undoubtedly the most profoundly complex organ and has always been a fascinating organ of the body. Development duration of the human brain is longer in comparison with any other organ in the body and also undergoes more changes than any other organ. The multifarious and manifold abilities of the brain are complex problem solving, decision making, execution of behavior, abstract reasoning, creativity, memory and remarkably numerously more. Hitherto, the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was contemplated as the most important factor for distinguishing a smart individual with high learning and understanding capacity. However this trend was gradually superseded with the advent of Emotional Quotient (EQ). Researchers propounded that comprehension of any individual’s emotions and feelings is a pre-requisite for successfully tackling any circumstances and henceforth more important than IQ. People frequently assumed that reacting emotionally was being instigated due to extrinsic predicaments but in contrast the actuality was that the emotions were triggered due to the inner mindset of a person and it is profoundly vital and crucial to understand this fact. A couple of years ago, researchers realized that IQ and EQ were insufficient and there’s more to it. And hence a revolutionary new concept of Spiritual Intelligence (SI) came into existence known as the “ultimate intelligence” as claimed by researchers. It is most certainly a pre-requisite for any individual to first and foremost get connected to their inner self spiritually and embrace it to rediscover the true meaning and purpose in their life and the reason for their existence.

The research sample consisted of 220 College students comprising of both Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) students.

A predefined standardized questionnaire was employed for data collection among College students in the context of this Comprehensive Research Study. Once the data was solicited, data analysis were discharged using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) and SmartPLS (Partial Least Square) for ascertaining the results of the research study.

The results of this Comprehensive Research Study revealed that there is a significant relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Goal Orientation among College students. However it was also deciphered that the significance of the relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Need for Achievement could not be captured through the data collected. It was observed that Spiritual Intelligence and its impact on Need for Achievement and Goal Orientation among students do not vary according to demographic factors.

This study makes plays a prominently indispensable and crucial role in making the students understand more about the concept of spiritual intelligence in a more comprehensive and wider perspective. It also assists them in learning and exploring to connect with their inner self and expressing it in terms of their thoughts, attitude and behaviour.
This Comprehensive Research Study was undertaken only for the sole benefit of College students. Students have to undergo enormous amount of stress in order to succeed in today’s competitive environment. When students learn to focus on the inner aspects of them and rediscover themselves through self-assessment and eventually connect with themselves in a deeper and comprehensive level. Henceforth, they recognize their own learning potential and achievement styles which is a pre-requisite for achieving goals in their life.

Comprehensive Research Study

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