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Player Agent


Mindy Kalnoskas            

BB Machine Pitch Minors

Mary Jo Childs

BB Minors                           

Rick Sesso

BB Seniors

Steven Wolf

SB Ponytail & Major

Joe Gorczyca

SB Minor & Senior

Kenny Shawyer

Further information regarding the Spring Season can be found at  Calvert American Little League

Spring Baseball &Softball

Umpires Wanted

The Calvert County Officials Association (CCOA) is seeking new and experienced baseball and/or softball umpires to join its organization for the 2017 season.  All umpires must be 16 years or older.  CCOA will conduct rules clinics and training sessions on proper field mechanics prior to the beginning of the spring season.  Umpires must provide their own protective equipment and appropriate uniforms.  Additionally, all umpires for the 2017 season are required to demonstrate proficiency in rules and regulations by passing a written examination.  If you are interested, please send your name, email, and phone number to