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         Panther Field Hockey
August 4 - 7th from 9am - 12pm  
Patuxent HS Practice Fields
Ages 7 - 13
Cost: $75

Most young girls don’t learn about field hockey or lacrosse until they enter high school. In order to prepare them for the competitive level experienced in high school, we have created a hybrid travel team; Riptide. On this team, our girl's play field hockey, lacrosse, and sometimes both sports with the intention of simply getting better. They’re all around the same age as well, creating a team chemistry that will follow them into high school. The girls practice and participate in numerous tournaments. With this team, Southern Maryland awareness of field hockey and lacrosse will increase, and hopefully more opportunities for young girl's to learn these sports will arise. We are the future!

We are Riptide!

We have 2 teams
     - Riptide Lite consisting of 2-4 graders

         - Riptide team consisting of 5-8 graders

Riptide Field Hockey/Lacrosse

Head Coaches - Elaine Phillips & Frank Mezer
Consultant/Coach - Lynn Powell

Our girls are hard at work, improving their skills for our upcoming competitions!

Riptide was created for the purpose of providing young girl's interested in field hockey and lacrosse (at the middle school level) an opportunity to improve their athletic ability within these sports.  Opportunities like this are extremely minimal in Southern Maryland.